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AIA Corporation, where promotional product distributor’s ascent to greatness takes shape.

A promotional product distributor's path is full of challenges, aspirations, and growth opportunities.


Discover the stories of promotional product distributors who turned their aspirations into accomplishments with AIA Corporation.


Meet Lisa a 16-year promotional product industry professional.

Partnering with AIA over a decade ago, she saw her sales surge year after year, achieving a remarkable 35% increase in 2022. AIA's resources, including interest-free financing and a supportive community, enabled Lisa's growth and positioned her to thrive in the industry.


Meet An’drea who went from being an industry veteran to starting a promotional products business.

With 24 years of experience, she transitioned into her own distributorship, finding an invaluable partner in AIA. Beyond essential resources like back-office support and financing, AIA's exceptional commitment to her success has propelled An'drea's journey, showcasing the transformative impact of a dedicated partnership.


John's lasting two-decade partnership with AIA relies on its integrity, reliability, and exceptional support.

He values the network of fellow AIA community distributors, benefiting from shared experiences and camaraderie, while AIA's solutions and events empower his success journey.


Nick revolutionized his business with personalized direction from his dedicated Owner Success Manager and a supportive mastermind group.

The genuine commitment to Nick's growth, recognition of his strengths, and flexible approach have propelled his success. This true partnership is rooted in trust, transparency, and a shared vision of success, driving Nick to new heights with a team dedicated to his individual achievements.

Envision yourself as a hero in this thriving community of promotional distributors.

Start your journey to greatness with AIA Corporation by your side. Together, we'll achieve greatness.