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AIA Corporation Website Accessibility Statement

AIA Corporation is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. We are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of our website.

We endeavor to conform to level Double-A of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. These guidelines explain how to make web content more accessible for people with disabilities.

While we strive to conform and adhere to the WCAG guidelines for accessibility and usability, it is not always possible to do so in all areas of the website. For example, there may be some screen reader software available for use that may not be fully compatible with our website.

We are seeking solutions to bring as much of the website up to the same level of overall accessibility as possible. For example, our website has engaged UserWay to assist with accessibility issues and we include the UserWay Accessibility Widget on each webpage to assist with website navigation and use. In addition, we use UserWay’s Accessibility Scanner regularly to continually improve and remediate accessibility issues and identify and fix accessibility issues as they arise.  Information about Userway can be found here and you can read the UserWay Accessibility Statement here.  

In the meantime, if you experience any difficulty accessing our website, please contact us by calling 920-886-3784 or sending an email to: support@aiacorporation.com.