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AIA gives its distributors the power to engage the market with confidence. As an AIA distributor, you have the assurance of solid financial funding and a reliable operational engine that you can count on for strategic and administrative support. AIA frees up your time so you can focus on what you enjoy doing most. 

Solid Financial Backing  

No longer worry about cash flow shortages and managing credit lines — AIA’s strong financial position gives distributors access to capital to fund large orders and ensures suppliers are paid promptly.

Operational Support

With AIA in the back office, you're able to work smarter, freeing up time and resources to focus on your professional and personal goals. You can rely on AIA’s team to manage day-to-day necessities like supplier payments, customer invoicing, and payment processing. You’ll have access to our order management platform that makes managing day-to-day business easy with a robust dashboard and extensive business reporting. We also offer additional support for order tracking, billing, and collections, allowing you to choose the level of administrative support you need.