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Solutions to enable promotional product business opportunities.

Our services are designed to empower promotional product distributors with the confidence to tackle the challenges of the industry. From order financing and dedicated success management to technology solutions and supplier relations, we've got you covered. We celebrate your every success, whether big or small and work alongside you to make your business thrive.


Services to power promotional product business ideas.

Order financing and processing to unlock financial freedom and streamline operations.

Experience financial freedom and streamlined operations with order financing and order processing solutions. Break free from constraints, simplify your financial management, and reclaim time to focus on growing your business by partnering with AIA.

Dedicated success management to enhance your promo expertise.

Elevate your role as a promotional product expert with dedicated success management. Receive tailored guidance and strategies to overcome challenges, drive growth, and solidify your position in the industry.

Technology solutions to securely unify functions and increase efficiency.

Access the seamless synergy of AIA's promotional products technology solutions that drive brand enhancement and sales growth. Unify and streamline business functions, elevate your brand, and discover growth opportunities with comprehensive technology solutions.

Benefit from access to the promotional product industry’s top suppliers.

Boost your promotional product business opportunities with AIA's supplier relations, providing access to top suppliers, EQP pricing, and valuable support. Collaborate with industry leaders to enhance your offerings, overcome challenges, and boost your margins, positioning your business for success.

Access a community empowering distributors, fostering collaboration and growth.

AIA's community and events offer networking, insights, and business opportunities for independent promotional product distributors. Participation in events like trade shows fosters collaboration, reveals trends, connects you with suppliers, and provides guidance from experienced distributors, enabling business growth.

Increase success with a robust reporting dashboard for promo distributors.

Introduce a robust business reporting dashboard for independent promotional product distributors, offering transparency, insights, and comprehensive data for efficient management, including sales, finances, order processing, and strategic growth.


Additional services delivering specific business function impact.

Marketing Services

Designed for brand enhancement and growth.

Virtual Admin Assistance

Focus on success by offloading the day-to-day.

Advanced IT Support

Scale your business technology support securely.

Further additional services include streamlining billing, collections, and order management for business efficiency.


Billing Management

AIA's billing management service includes efficiently handling supplier invoices by entering, reviewing, and confirming accuracy within a two-day turnaround. They address missing invoices, ensure customer invoicing, and gain owner approval before sending them to clients.


Collections Management

AIA's collections management service proactively contacts customers starting at day 45, ensuring timely follow-ups based on invoice dates, and provides business owners with regular accounts receivable aging reports. We take steps for efficient collections, including legal action.


Order Management

Our dedicated order management team tracks the orders from the time the order is sent to the supplier through the approval of the supplier invoice. All order information updates are located within Experience AIA on the order for easy access to stay up-to-date as orders progress.

Ready to optimize your swag business solutions? Learn more about our streamlined billing, collections, and order management services.

Elevate your business with AIA’s services for independent promotional product distributors.


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