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Access a community for promotional products trade shows, industry insights, and networking.

AIA Corporation organizes events and networking opportunities to foster communication, cooperation, and collaboration among independent promotional product distributors like yourself. As a member of our growing community, you can benefit from expert guidance from fellow distributors, find peer support, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends at events such as promotional product shows. Additionally, these events provide an avenue to discover new sales strategies and practices to enhance efficiency and fuel growth.


Explore AIA events and community networking opportunities.


Uncover the benefits of participating in promotional product shows and AIA events.


The AIA community is characterized by authenticity and affinity. Our members value transparency, honesty, collaboration, and growth, which is evident in both online and in-person events. By participating in AIA-endorsed events like promotional product trade shows, you can:

  • Stay informed about the latest happenings in the promotional product sector and innovate your business practices.
  • Connect with top suppliers to discover the newest and most innovative products and technologies.
  • Gain valuable guidance from experienced distributors in the industry to improve your workflows.
  • Uncover practices that save time, increase efficiency, and foster business growth.
  • Learn new strategies from fellow distributors.
  • Receive peer support for making more informed and successful decisions.

Participating in AIA events allows you to identify new opportunities and potential challenges that may impact your business. This knowledge helps you become a more informed and knowledgeable promo distributor. Moreover, events like promotional product shows provide a platform for sharing ideas with peers and exchanging honest recommendations and reviews. At AIA, we strongly believe in the power of collaboration, recognizing that distributors can achieve greater success when they work together.

First-hand accounts from promotional product distributors about AIA networking events.

Lisa, a valued member of the AIA community, joined AIA approximately 12 years ago. She decided to partner with us because we shared the same values. Lisa has been impressed with the service and resources we have provided for her business:

"The events that AIA hosts for its owner community to connect and collaborate, like the regional meetings and national sales meeting, have provided the opportunity to learn from other owners, and that education has helped me to grow."


AIA Community Member

Lisa firmly believes that without the support of AIA, she would not have achieved the level of success she has experienced over the past 12 years. Our community events, networking opportunities, and participation in promotional products trade shows have enabled her to secure larger accounts and improve her back-office support. Lisa also highly values our coaching program, which has enhanced her business strategy and overall operations.

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Empower your business growth through community involvement.

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