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Lisa's story is a journey from passion to prosperity.



Achieving growth beyond her expectations.

Lisa, how has AIA contributed to your success?

When I first opened my business, not for a moment did I believe I would ever achieve this level of success. I could never have achieved it without the partnership of AIA. It has allowed me to take on much larger accounts with its interest-free order financing, combined with the incredible back-office support, MVP suppliers, and marketing programs, all of which have helped to accelerate my growth. Most recently the AIA coaching program has helped me sharpen my business strategy and operations. I am confident that this coaching will help to drive the next chapter of my success.

The events that AIA hosts for its owner community to connect and collaborate, like the AIA Regional Meetings and the AIA National Sales Meeting, have provided the opportunity to learn from other owners, and that education has helped me to grow. It is the “a-ha” moments that you take away from those events that have the biggest impact. It is invigorating to be around so many smart, thriving entrepreneurs. The experience provides a benefit long after the event.

What would you tell another distributor that is considering AIA as their growth partner?

If you are growth-minded, you can’t even imagine where you can go with AIA. I’m proof of that. AIA provides the resources and support you need to grow your business, but more importantly, AIA provides a community of like-minded entrepreneurs unlike anywhere else in this industry. If you choose to fully engage with the community you will unleash so many opportunities to grow, to learn, to inspire, and to be inspired.  

AIA is always evolving to deliver more value for its owners. Being willing to be a part of that growth has taken me to some wonderful places.  It is nice to have a partner like AIA in it with you.