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Sales Approach

Sharpen Your Sales Approach

Build Your Business with Data Driven Sales Strategies.

As an AIA distributor, you gain access to a set of powerful business tools that provide the training, knowledge and critical data you need to grow your business. This support includes:

Valuable Operational Data

Through a facilitated relationship and our Experience AIA platform we help you integrate operational data, supplier data, and data from the AIA network to make better-informed, more effective business decisions. This means you can evaluate your business through the data on an account-by-account and supplier-by-supplier basis. This enables you to focus on your most lucrative customer and supplier relationships and optimize your marketing to your most essential, or profitable accounts and products.

Essential Coaching

AIA tools give you the visibility to know where your business comes from, how your business is trending, and why. AIA will coach you on how to use this data to increase year-to-year order retention, reduce churn and focus your sales efforts for the greatest impact on your bottom line. We will help you build your skill set in these areas by training you and your team in areas where you identify a need for improvement.

Accountability and Support Tools

Sales success is strongly correlated to accountability. We will coach you on how to create sales goals and provide progress reports on them. AIA’s Success Managers will be there to provide any support you need along the way.

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