AIA Corporation Scott & Steve Promote the Brew Podcast

There are Riches in the Niches | Episode 008



Scott and Steve Schmidt, Promote the Brew

Hosted By

  • Aimee Golla, Owner Success Manager, AIA Corporation
  • Melissa Haen, Events and Marketing Manager, AIA Corporation

In our latest podcast, Scott and Steve Schmidt from Promote the Brew talk with us about marketing to a niche industry and the importance of building strong relationships. Scott and Steve come from a family with Promotional Product history and they share a love for beer. They combined their love for both markets by establishing a company that helps smaller, local breweries build brand recognition. Scott and Steve both believe that, as promo distributors, loyalty is key. Building relationships with their clients through value-added services like webinars, RPM programs, and other educational seminars helps them build that loyalty and trust. We also get some great craft beer recommendations; we’re ordering our sahti now!

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Music by Randy and John Mohrbacher

Voice over by Mike Temaat

Episode Mixed By Caitlyn Hoffmann

Graphics by Rachel Ries