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When he was early in his sales career, Matt Gresge (AIA Corporation’s President & CEO) discovered Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, which resonated with him because it tied into a life changing lesson he learned as a teenager about using visualization and daily affirmations to set goals for himself. Together, the concepts from Think and Grow Rich and his football coach’s goal setting lessons prepared him to tackle the mental side of the entrepreneurial game later in his career.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • How to be specific about how much you want to earn so you can propel business growth and achieve success.
  • How you can be responsive, not reactive.
  • Why setting and reviewing your goals is important.
  • The benefit of finding like-minded people to share your plan with.
You are what you think you are. You are what you think about. You become what you think about.

About Matt:

Matt Gresge is an entrepreneur, respected leader, and seasoned sales expert with more than 25 years of executive level leadership in advancing companies and growing profits in the business services industry. Gresge possesses a deep understanding of growing independent distributor networks and has a long track record of delivering results for customers, suppliers, and stockholders.

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