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Our guest this episode is Paul Bellantone, the President and CEO of PPAI (Promotional Products Association International). He discusses how the promotional product industry has adapted since COVID-19 arrived on the scene. He also takes a look at the future of the promo industry and what things might look like in six months and in 18 months. 

I watched the industry at its best in a lot of ways. I’ve always felt like we were incredibly resilient and entrepreneurial.

Show Notes:

  • PPAI is hosting a virtual Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Forum for promotional products professionals who want to effect change in the diversity, equity and inclusion of their businesses and the industry. 
  • PPAI is extending its free certification registration through July 31 for listeners of this podcast.
  • The PPAI Expo will look a little different in January.
  • PPAI Healthpitality — PPAI will continue to build on the leading event-industry best practices and follow the recommendations from public health experts as well as standards set by federal, state and local governments.
  • How can we be physically distant but still socially engage as an industry?
  • The next decade will have a focus on global health.
  • The promotional products industry will become smaller but present, because it’ll be needed.

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