An Evolving Promotional Products Industry

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It’s no secret that Amazon is an industry giant, but for promotional dealers, they’re a giant pain. Tim Andrews, President & Chief Executive Officer of Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), talks through the struggles promotional distributors face in a world of instant gratification and the steps distributors and suppliers need to take to keep the industry moving forward. He points out that, “in the State of the Industry Report only a bit over 60% of distributors revenue is coming from the sale of promotional products - 35-40% of their revenue is coming from things that aren’t promotional products that they are selling; it’s printed materials they are doing for their clients, it’s the creation of websites for their clients, it’s helping with SEO to drive traffic to a website that that client already built or they built for them, it’s providing fulfillment for that client.” Take a listen for some great insights into how you can compete with the pressures and expectations of today’s buyers. 

While people have been in the industry for a long time they have to know things are changing every minute of every day and they have to keep up on that to stay relevant in this space.

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