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In this episode, Chad Kopitzke discusses the challenges of tracking, motivating, and retaining talent in today’s market. With the emergence of Millennials in the job market, companies are having to re-evaluate their recruitment process in order to draw in and retain the best talent. Chad’s advice to organizations who are trying to retain top talent is to ask themselves; “Do you know what you’re promising?” and “What makes you different and better than your competitors?” Using these answers will help companies build their stories and create a refreshing perception of their business. Take a listen to hear the rest of Chad’s great advice for blending work styles of baby boomers and millennials to achieving maximum job satisfaction and motivation for top talent across the generations.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses can pivot on a dime. If we see talent, we can go get it now.

About Chad:

Chad Kopitzke is founder of NeXtGen Advantage, an innovative talent management firm based in Neenah, Wisconsin. As a human capital expert with specialized knowledge of generational issues in the workplace, Chad brings a unique vantage point to modern business culture. He hears what business leaders need and what keeps them up at night, yet he also recognizes the challenges those same business leaders are dealing with in moving their organizations into the future. Chad’s forward-thinking approach to talent management—which involves putting the human element back into human resources even while embracing advanced technology — can effectively disarm an employer’s impending dangers and help companies thrive well into the future.

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