Why You Should Continue Marketing During COVID-19

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“Keep the brand light burning, because the cost of snuffing it out for the rest of 2020 and then trying to reignite it next year is gigantic.”

— Mark Riston from “Marketing Weekly

The struggle is real, I get it, but silencing your marketing efforts during this time is not the answer. Your customers want to hear from you! In fact, a new report conducted by American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) and Suzy, a real-time platform, surveyed 1,000 consumers on March 18 to learn about how consumers feel about brand communication during the COVID-19 outbreak, and how the virus is affecting their everyday lives. The results showed that 43% of consumers find it reassuring to hear from brands they know during this time!

How To Keep Marketing During COVID-19 Without Being Salesy

Brands who keep pushing through during tough times actually exemplify their brand values! By being helpful, useful, informative, providing distractions and most importantly, being empathetic and not trying to sell, customers will be ready to reengage with your brand’s products and services as soon as the time is right. Now is the time to ramp up your digital and social media presence! Here are some ideas on how to engage your customers: 

  • Share posts that show empathy and compassion
  • Be a storyteller and incorporate video
  • Offer virtual meetings and consultations
  • Have some fun and post entertaining content for distraction
  • Share useful resources for your audience, like articles on how to effectively work from home, or how to entertain and teach kids from your living room
  • Participate! Find conversations on social that are relevant to you — interact and comment
  • Serve people now, win business later — offer free content or other value added services with deep discounts.

Marketing Ideas For Promotional Products Entrepreneurs During COVID-19

Another way to keep your brand top of mind is to use this down time as an opportunity to reinvest in yourself and in your brand — remind your customers that you are there for them by sending them something special to their doorstep. Here are some creative ways to bundle up some products and a message to keep yourself top of mind with your customers with self promotions. Remember to have fun and be creative with the packaging too!

  • Here’s the scoop (ice cream scoop) — things are kind of the pits (cherry pitter) right now, but let’s mix up something for the future (mixing utensils or cocktail stirs)
  • Here are some fun items to keep you busy while you are “camped” out at home (include some camping essentials that can also be used while they are at home)
  • Let us cushion the road ahead, we’ll be here when you are ready! (socks)
  • Plant a seed for the future. Or May Flowers … (send a seed pack and other gardening staples)
  • Let’s Stay Connected (wireless charger, tech items)
  • We’ve Got You Covered — April Showers Will Still Bring May Flowers (umbrella)
  • We're keeping our distance, but we're still here! (binge-watching themed gift box)
  • Handshakes are so last year! Here is some flair to help you display the way you want to be greeted when you get back to the office (buttons and a customized card showing ankle bumps, peace sign, waves, etc.)

Remember, now is not the time to be silent, your customers want to hear from you! Keeping your brand light burning now will pay huge dividends in the coming days!

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