What Your Favorite Promo Product Says About You

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Whether you work in promo, or you just love receiving it, everyone has their favorite category of products. Here’s what yours says about you!


Pens in a line

You’re a little bit old school, but you know what works. You’re timeless and appreciate simplicity. You also believe promo should, at its core, be cost-effective and functional. You’re never without a writing instrument, and probably have enough in your bag for your whole group to sign their receipts at lunch.


white coffee mug

You collect mugs, you love coffee or you think mugs are the perfect way to decorate your desk. Maybe all three! You find mugs surprisingly multi-functional, and don’t limit their contents to just bean juice. You also can’t say no to promo. Even though you have 20 mugs in your cupboard, you always think, “What’s one more?”

Tie-Dye Hoodies

woman in tie-dye hoodie

You’re probably a millennial or even younger, or you just wanna be the “cool boss”. You hate boring promo and think every piece should be just as fun as it is functional. You also enjoy working from home, and being comfortable. Even when your office reopens, you’ll treat every day like casual Friday.

Water Bottles

water bottle with stickers on it

You love to be hydrated! You’re always the mom of the group. Whenever anyone complains of a headache or any other ailment, you tell them to just drink more water. You bring your emotional support water bottle everywhere you go, even a five-minute car ride to the store. With every refill of your water bottle, you’re excited that it also doubles as a way for you to get your steps in.


person holding white canvas bag

You have passion for being prepared! You never want to be caught empty-handed when someone asks for a stick of gum, a Tide To Go pen or hand lotion. Everything you need is always on your person, and you even have a spare bag in your main bag for if you stop somewhere to grab a few things.

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