Seven Things Promo Distributors Should Do After A Trade Show

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The annual kickoff trade shows for the promotional products industry have come and gone. Maybe you attended a few, or you went to them all, but now what? You’ve been inspired and you’ve made new contacts, but it can be overwhelming to know what to do next. Get where you need to go in 2020 by following seven steps to take after a trade show is over.

What To Do After Attending A Trade Show

1. Collaborate On Your Experience

Huddle up with your sales reps and sales managers and do a round-table discussion on what they liked, didn’t like and what they observed. Create an open forum of knowledge and collaboration to help identify industry trends.

2. Position Yourself As A Promo Expert

After attending shows, you’ve now armed yourself with the newest trends and products to offer your customers. It’s important to make time to showcase these new products and trends right away, otherwise, you open yourself up to your competitors beating you to it. Share them with clients and prospects through email marketing or social media to set yourself up as a promo expert in their eyes for the whole year and beyond.

3. Reach Out To Current Clients

You probably went searching for products at the trade show with specific clients in mind. Be proactive and reach out to those customers with the perfect products you’ve found for their upcoming projects. Amaze them with a presentation and fresh ideas designed just for them. You can even take it a step further and send them a spec sample imprinted with their logo.

4. Stay Focused

Don’t get distracted by sales emails and samples from the shows, instead stay focused on your key customers and verticals, and what will impact them the most.

5. Unpack Business Cards And Expand Your Network

Trade shows are all about networking, so you probably have quite the stack of business cards. Unpack them, add emails to your campaign lists, connect with them on LinkedIn or even give them a call. You never know where a connection will lead you.

6. Close The Gaps

Take a step back and look at your company as a whole. Based on what you learned at the trade show, determine if there are any gaps between what you’re doing and what the rest of the industry is doing (e.g., business processes, marketing, offerings, etc.). Consider how you can close those gaps and be more competitive moving forward.

7. Use Education To Your Advantage

What happens at trade shows, like PPAI Las Vegas, doesn’t have to stay there. Look back over your notes from education sessions and meetings, and jot down the key takeaways you learned. Use them to make a plan going forward and don’t forget to share them with colleagues or staff that didn’t attend. You can also take advantage of videos and downloads for sessions and activities you weren’t able to get to.

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