Reflections from 7,000 Feet: AIA Reaches New Heights with Momentum in the Mountains

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We’re feeling more energized than ever after spending four days unplugging from our day-to-day responsibilities and connecting with members of the AIA Community for this year’s National Sales Meeting.

The theme Momentum in the Mountains rang true as more than 200 Owners, Suppliers and AIA team members traveled to Park City, Utah, for learning and networking aimed at one goal: to propel personal and professional growth.  

We’re hopeful this positive energy fuels our partners through the fourth quarter and well beyond. And while the memorable moments (there may have been a karaoke night), key learnings and wins from this year’s gathering seem infinite, below we're recapping our top takeaways to carry with you going forward. 

We’re committed to building a better AIA. 

Our main message for everyone who’s part of the AIA Community is this: We appreciate you, we’re glad you’re here and we‘re working hard to make sure this is a place where you can build and grow a successful and sustainable business. Those of us at the home office are in sync and working together to understand your specific needs and help you get where you want to go. We have a vision for what this company can be, and the steps we’re taking to get there are both thoughtful and purposeful. 

There’s a clear path to the next level. 

We know this much is true: The only way to grow your business is to have a solid foundation, with structure and processes in place. It’s a combination of having the right people in the right seats, knowing who is doing what, and implementing a clear, well-documented process to support your team in their efforts. AIA offers the resources and personalized coaching to help you create this necessary base—and, when you’re ready, scale up.

In our company and our industry, relationships matter most.

Nothing affects your success more than the quality of your relationships, especially with customers. We’ve found that making the shift from taking any and all orders to building meaningful partnerships with multiple stakeholders across larger organizations makes all the difference. It takes great skill and accountability to penetrate and manage these types of accounts—but that’s where real growth lives.   

Data is changing the game. 

Owners and Suppliers alike have found that data is powerful—and using it to make informed decisions has impacted their sales and bottom line. Who are our top customers? What (and when) are they buying? What are they ordering from our competitors? Which accounts have gone quiet? Making this type of information readily available to our Community, we’ve learned where to focus and prioritize our efforts. Additionally, we’ve learned that Owners who have deeper relationships with bigger customers (such as Fortune 100 companies) are growing at three times the rate than Owners on the other end of the spectrum. Smaller, transactional orders are moving online, which can result in 3% annual shrinkage. This really drives our point above—about nurturing relationships with larger accounts—home.     

More than anything, we hope you walked away from Park City inspired and ready to approach future endeavors with a renewed vitality. The sky’s the limit, and we couldn’t be more excited to watch you soar.