Print Trends that Will Influence in 2022 & Beyond

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Nothing beats a tangible, printed letter. Tearing open a thick envelope addressed to you is such a uniquely special sensory experience, it's no wonder we haven't moved past snail mail in the digital age. Whether you are a print guru or have never sold a business card in your life, you must see top print trends happening in the industry!

Get friendly with nature! We have all seen traditional promo take a swing at the organic & sustainable movement, but the print is taking on a natural look and feel of its own. Stop with the busy and bring on a crisp, clean, fresh, nature-inspired look! 

flat lay of brown eco-friendly notebook, placemat, and wallet

Make a BOLD (yet simple) statement! Now is the best time to keep your email copy simple! Use BOLD and VISIBLE graphics, and don't forget postcards and mailers! Direct mail has a 70%+ open rate!!! 

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Use softer color palettes: Time to take a calmer approach to your marketing with muted color palettes that are easier for your audience to absorb. If your logo is bright and flashy, try using neutral colors around it to tone it down. 


Sustainable packaging: No, this trend is NOT going away! People care more and more about being environmentally conscious, packaging is no different. Look for packaging from recycled materials to help deliver on this trend.