The Power of Retail & Promo

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Retail brands and promotional products have been the perfect pair for decades. Companies have been using big name brands like Nike, Columbia and The North Face for all their branded apparel, plus, technically speaking, sports jerseys are branded promo too! The possibilities are endless when it comes to partnering the two, and it’s even become more and more popular in recent years. Even with tight budgets, companies are seeing the benefit of putting their name on high-end products.

Reasons Why Retail Brands & Promo Just Work!

There’s a certain perceived value when it comes to brand names. Customers get excited to receive them because they are aware of their value and therefore have a high opinion of the company that is being represented by the item. For example, an employee is going to be much more excited about a Carhartt jacket with their company logo on it, than a generic jacket. They will think their company cares enough to spend some extra money on them and they will proudly wear it out and about to further spread that company’s message.

Professional Image
Companies also choose retail brands because of the professional image that comes with them. People have brand loyalty, or at least a level of awareness for name brands, so they will enjoy the product knowing it is a respected brand.

Brand name products are also oftentimes made with higher quality materials, which means they not only last longer, but people will use them for a longer period of time. The average outerwear promo piece is kept for 18 months but that stat can change when companies choose brand name gifts that recipients will never want to throw away.

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