Pandemic Creative Block: A Designer’s Way To Finding Inspiration

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As a designer living through this, although we’re not on the frontline we are playing a part in sharing information that will save people’s lives. Where there is a message to be communicated, there will be design. 

Creative professionals across all different professions long for the motivation to create something great. We get pumped up and within one minute we can be swept away and drained from any speck of imagination and cleverness. This is something that creatives struggle with all the time. Our surroundings around us affect so much of the reflection of our everyday work.

How To Stay Creative During A Pandemic

Creative blocks happen for many reasons! In this time of the pandemic, our emotions are at an all time high - moods of creativity can range from the emotional, to personal or even financial issues that can hinder our creative work. We currently have a fear of the unknown, self-doubt in our work and perfectionism to make everything fit into what the world is telling us it should be right now. If you are facing a creative roadblock, consider these steps:

Take a step back.

Creative roadblocks can sometimes mean you  need to press pause on a project before moving on. Remember that by taking a break and not physically working on a project, you might actually be helping the project move forward in the long run.

A dose of digital detox.

99.9% of the time designers turn to internet accounts to get our creative juices flowing. In most cases, the internet has so much amazing content to help us get through, but during a creative block it can feel very overwhelming. Stepping away from your phone, laptop or any other device can clear your head and force you to stop comparing yourself to other professionals. Try taking a walk, putting together a puzzle or doing some chores around the house. This will let your mind come back fresh and motivated.

Find new routes of inspiration.

In this time of the world pandemic when digital messaging is all the same - safety hazards, precautions, PPE equipment, social distancing, virtual life - it’s important to not continue to look at other people’s polished work. It creates a frustration within yourself and self criticism that only leads to backward progress. Try coming up with a different way to find inspiration in effort to not copy what already has been done. Check out a new website, watch a new TV channel or even look through your mail for magazines or advertisements that are something different. Look for something that feels like a breath of fresh air in this time when we feel stuck.

Allow yourself time for self-care.

Being stuck at home alone without other creatives surrounding you, it's really important to find ways to stay motivated...and creative.. Look ahead to when you will be back with your creative counterparts and make sure to do things you enjoy. Take care of you. Pamper your mind, body and soul to bring back your focus, wellbeing and creative juices.

Work your way through tough times.

As the whole world is going through this pandemic, we have to remember that we are in this together. Every other person has probably felt the same way you have at some point during this. Turn on some productive music, make a lot of bad drafts until you finally have the one that gets the gold. 

In times of a world crisis, design and visual creativity is more important than it ever has been. Imagery and design has been the center of announcements for centuries. As designers, artists, marketers, etc., we look around and see the world with transforming brands to somehow relate to what is happening with the pandemic. Illustrations, photography, and even video has been turned into COVID-19 related content. Logos are even social distancing! The change of art and design in our world has the power to change our world.

We will continue to make great things. It is our job to share our powers of creativity to continue to produce the resources we need to share information. Our roadblock challenges us to find new and creative ways to do this, but we need to remember that in the end we have the power.