Making Branded Welcome Boxes For Virtual Events

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Last month AIA hosted its first ever virtual national sales meeting, 2020 Reimagined. Canceling our event was never an option for us, and we still wanted to create an unforgettable experience for attendees. Since we are in the promotional products industry, it was only natural to integrate branded merch into every aspect of our event from before, middle and end. Today we’re going to take a look at how to make a branded welcome box for a virtual event.

Brand Your Event

Before you can get to the fun part of picking out products, it’s important to have a vision for your whole event. Create a title, logo and color palette that really represents the message and goal of your event. For 2020 Reimagined, we wanted to choose bright colors to bring light and joy to a turbulent year. We also designed the logo to reflect the virtual aspect.

2020 Remimagined Brand Guide AIA

Curate The Right Products

There are endless product options out there, but it’s important to be thoughtful with your decisions. Pick products that relate to your event and your attendees. In our case, the products revolved around the fact that all our attendees would be enjoying our event from home or their office. We picked products that would not only be practical items to use during the event, but would also be great additions to any wardrobe or home office. These products included the ImageBook Seminar Pad and Ambassador Stylus Pen from JournalBooks, the Squeeze of the Day Stress Buster from Ariel Premium, the New Era Heritage Blend Tee from SanMar, Switch Back Headphones from Imagen Brands, a Sweet Treats reusable pouch with snacks from Gemline and a personalized Tri-Roll 3-n-1 Microfiber Cloth from Origaudio. All of these products were also, of course branded for the event.

a Sweet Treats reusable pouch with snacks from Gemline
ImageBook Seminar Pad and Ambassador Stylus Pen from JournalBooks
 personalized Tri-Roll 3-n-1 Microfiber Cloth from Origaudio

Design The Packaging

Don’t forget about the box! Branding and customizing the packaging is the icing on the cake when sending out a curated meeting box. People who receive the kit in the mail will be impressed that you thought through every single detail. This could include but is not limited to custom stickers, packing materials, wrapping and even the box itself.

welcome box for 2020 Reimagined presented by AIA Corporation
customized 2020 Reimagined sticker

Perfect Timing

Part of sending a welcome box for your event is getting it to attendees before the event actually starts. It will serve both as a reminder, and a way to get your guests excited about attending. It won’t do much good if it arrives after the event is over. We recommend timing it so attendees receive it one week prior to the event.

This is just one of the many ways to make your virtual event the best that it can be. Check back here for more helpful tips and tricks for event planning and using promotional products.