How To Show Employees They’re Appreciated In 2021

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How To Show Employees They’re Appreciated In 2021
Employee Appreciation Day is March 5, but it’s important to let employees know how much their hard work is valued all year round! Most businesses have changed in one way or another in the past year, and it’s important for forms of appreciation to reflect that. Throwing a pizza party or taking everyone to lunch is not the best option anymore. Let’s take a look at how to show employees they’re appreciated in 2021.


Corporate Comfy Clothes
Many offices are still allowing employees to work from home, which means comfort is key. Gift them with comfy clothes that have the company logo on them. They will be much more likely to wear gifted apparel on their next Zoom call if the pieces are comfortable and the logo makes them still look professional.


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Tantalizing Tech
Working from home can be appealing, but it also has its own set of challenges. Many employees started working from home not knowing how long it would last, and are still working with less than ideal equipment. Give the gift of fresh tech that can improve their workspace.


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Drinkware For Anywhere
It’s true what they say, you can never have too many mugs and water bottles! Give employees some fresh, unstained drinkware for their favorite beverages! It’s perfect for any drink and any location, plus company logos will be on display during video meetings.


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Curated Gift Boxes
Why choose one gift when you can send a whole box of carefully curated presents? Sending a kit of goodies will brighten anyone’s day. Choose from the product categories above or get creative with other items that match your brand.


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This is just one of the many ways promo can be used to send a message, make an impact and promote brand awareness. If you’re a promo distributor looking for ideas to pitch to clients, or you need extra tech and financial support, contact AIA.