How To Help Restaurants Stay Relevant With Promo

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The restaurant industry has had to make changes and adapt to operating during a pandemic. Many restaurants had to completely shut down for weeks or even months, but now that the vaccine is here, it’s time to get back to business. If you’re a distributor, here are some key ways to help restaurants stay relevant with promo.

Tools For Take Out
Take out will continue to be popular for many that aren’t ready to go out just yet. Help restaurant owners make sure their take out game is on point with branded bags, containers, napkins, utensils, cups and even handy magnet menus to make their customers’ next order even easier.  

Products For The Patio
Restaurant and bar patios are bigger than ever. Many establishments have created an outdoor space where they never had one before, so they need the goods to make it happen. Be prepared to pitch branded tables, chairs, signage, disposable cups, napkins, stickers with QR codes to the menu, outdoor games, coasters and more.

Return To Dining In
It might take a while for all guests to be comfortable dining indoors, but there are a lot of things restaurants can proactively purchase to help, like coasters with a QR code to their menu on them, hand sanitizer for every table, masks available for patrons and social distancing signage.

Keep Staff Safe
Help employers show their staff they care with the tools their employees need to stay and feel safe. This includes masks, comfortable uniforms, personal pens and notepads, hand sanitizer and server aprons. Encourage restaurants to not only consider their patrons, but also their hardworking staff when making promo purchases. 

Stock Up On Swag
Beyond operational products, restaurants can also up their game when it comes to merch. People want to support their favorite local spots, so gift cards, apparel, pint glasses, pins, stickers and other products are the perfect pitch! People will be able to show their support in more ways than just ordering a meal, plus they will spread brand awareness whenever they use those products.

These are just a few examples of how you can communicate with clients who work for restaurants, bars and cafes. If you need more ideas like this to increase your sales and customer base, partner with the promo experts at AIA. Our team can help you find the right suppliers to work with, give back office support, provide impactful marketing materials and more!