The Great Resignation

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The Great Resignation is here, and with it comes big changes in the promo industry. The last year brought financial hardship for many companies, as consumer buying habits changed during the uncertainty of the pandemic. After budget cuts and re-evaluations of company structures, the job market came to a grinding halt. Many people lost their jobs, and those who didn’t largely remained in their current positions for the sake of job security rather than risk searching for something else in an uncertain market. Now, as vaccines continue to roll out and we navigate post-pandemic life, companies are hiring again and people who may have put their career on hold during the past year are making the leap to higher-paying positions with better benefits. With so many new job opportunities, it’s caused something of a labor revolution.

From a selling perspective, this can be beneficial! As your buyers move to bigger and better companies, they may choose to reach out and do business with you again. As companies restructure and leadership shifts, new sales opportunities are opening up. But these changes also bring a unique new set of challenges for business owners. Sometimes, instead of filling the vacant position after an employee leaves a company, the work is simply absorbed by another member of the department, then pushed to the back burner. In addition, lots of marketing budgets have been cut following the financial hardship of the pandemic, leaving less disposable income for the purchase of promotional products. 

No matter what challenges your company is facing during the Great Resignation, AIA is here to help. Contact us today to talk about how we can help your small business grow!


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