5 Tips to Step Up Your Instagram Business Marketing in 2022

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Instagram isn’t just for posting pretty pictures! More and more frequently, established businesses are turning to the social media platform to target a younger audience. It offers an easy way to get your message out there and start engaging with your customer base. Ready to jump in? Here are some quick tips that will help you get started:

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  1. Instagram is a photo-based social platform, so using high-quality photos and graphics will ensure your posts place higher up in people’s feeds. Your posts shouldn’t look like ads but instead should portray your product in a stylistic way that allows the viewer to picture themselves using it. And don’t just post one quality picture, post carousels! According to SocialInsider.com, one of the easiest ways to increase your engagement rate is to post multiple pictures at once. Instagram will allow you to post up to 10 at a time.
  2. Choose your caption carefully. Captions are where you can tell your story in 2,200 characters or less. If you need help thinking of what to caption your post, it can be helpful to remember the acronym EDIE - Educate, Demonstrate, Inform, Entertain. Try to fulfill at least one of these in your posts to provide value to your audience! It’s also helpful to note that Instagram does not allow you to put a link in your post copy. Instead, utilize a free link reference page such as Linktree, Shorby, or LnkBio to post links for your audience to follow. Finally, don’t forget to use hashtags! Instagram will allow up to 30, and it’s not a bad idea to utilize all of them to get your post in front of the greatest number of people. Just make sure your hashtags are relevant, and if you’re worried about your post copy looking crowded, you can always bury your hashtags in the comments as well.
  3. Instagram Reels are taking the social media world by storm! Because it’s still a relatively new feature, Instagram is pushing reels up to the top of its users’ feeds to encourage them to engage with it. What does this mean for your business? All you need to do to increase engagement on your posts is incorporate Reels into your social media strategy. Luckily, they made the feature super easy to work with. Just upload video footage from your camera, and select from Instagram’s library of sounds and filters to lay over it.
  4. Post at the right time of day. According to Hubspot, the best time to post on Instagram is Tuesday between 11 AM - 2 PM CDT. Weekdays between 11 AM to 2 PM CDT is the optimal time frame for increased engagement. By posting when people are online the most, typically during their lunch breaks, you can ensure your post is at the top of the feed and top of mind.
  5. Finally, don’t shy away from utilizing stories to engage with your audience. Stories can make your brand or business seem more personable. Offer viewers an inside peek at what it’s like behind the curtain by showing off your workspace, what packing an order looks like, or anything else that makes you unique! Stories can also be a great place to host Q&A sessions or poll your audience.


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