3 Ways To Add Old School Techniques With Your 2021 Sales Strategy 

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Bell-bottoms and scrunchies are back in style, The Matrix was just revived, and even the mullet is making a comeback. In 2021, what’s old is new again, and that doesn’t just mean in fashion and pop culture. Check out our list of old-school sales strategies that never went out of style:

  1. Personal Connection- Now more than ever, people are craving an honest, personal connection. With the news constantly reminding us that things are not the way we would like them to be, creating a personal connection can be an impactful way of changing someone’s day and potentially their buying behavior! 
    AIA Business Coach Tip: Start with your Social Media/LinkedIn connections and use that connection to create your outreach plan
  2. Direct Mail & Hand-written notes- Even if you are an avid thank-you note writer already, keep up this best practice. This personal touch matters! Even better? Send it via snail-mail! According to Xeroa, 70% of direct mail gets opened, and 79% is read for 1 minute or more.
    AIA Business Coach Tip Write the thank you the minute you complete the order to ensure you will not forget! 
  3. People used to love free stuff! USED TO?  PEOPLE STILL LOVE FREE STUFF! Use a self-promo to create an ‘unboxing’ experience and be remembered! 
    AIA Business Coach TipInclude a meaningful message or call to action in your self-promo mailer  like “Visit my website” or “Check out my Instagram handle…” Don’t forget there is power in free! 

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