12 Days of ExperienceAIA Marketing Projects From 2020

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We don’t need to, but we’ll say it again, 2020 has been a year unlike any other. Many members of the AIA Community have had to pivot and change their game plan, including our marketing team. While it isn’t the year we had originally dreamed up we are pretty excited to showcase what we’ve accomplished. To celebrate the end of 2020, we’ve compiled a list of our 12 favorite ExperienceAIA marketing projects we’ve had the honor to create.

On the first day of the holidays, experienceAIA sent to me ... 

AIA Mob Museum Branding At the PPAI Expo 2020!

In January 2020, we had a blast hosting Ritz & Rendezvous at The Mob Museum in Las Vegas during the PPAI Expo 2020, but our marketing team had even more fun branding the event. The logo and all the corresponding pieces worked together to create the theme of a 1920s party.

AIA's Ritz & Rendezvous At The Mob Museum White Logo on Black Background.
Men and women's bubble mailers with 1920's era silhouettes on packaging.
Black and white photo of AIA staff dressed in 1920's fashion.

On the second day of the holidays, experienceAIA sent to me ...

The Be Boldly You Socks Campaign! 

At the beginning of the year we created sock designs to share with our AIA Community and they posted some great photos on social media showing them off. It was a fun way to connect with our community during and after our January shows.

Photo collage of be boldly you socks taken by AIA staff.



On the third day of the holidays, experienceAIA sent to me ...

The Trendology Campaign! 

We used the trendology campaign to talk about a few possible trends for 2020. We created social posts, email graphics and a digital flipbook that matched and shared the themes in a fun, eye-catching way

Trendology Book Cover with red, green, yellow, and blue square design.
Trendology inside page spread showing product categories.

On the fourth day of the holidays, experienceAIA sent to me ...

The 2020 Brand Impressions Catalog!

Our 2020 catalog was a huge undertaking for the marketing team. We created print and digital versions featuring products from more than 60 suppliers accompanied by statistics that demonstrated just how impactful promotional products can be.

Brand Impressions catalog cover and open spread on blue background.
Apparel spread from Brand Impressions catalog

On the fifth day of the holidays, experienceAIA sent to me ...

The Backpocket Mailer!

We all know that AIA Owners are innovative, idea generators, but we wanted to spread the word near and far, which is what we accomplished with the Backpocket Mailer. This physical flipbook played on the idea of keeping promotional product distributors in your metaphorical backpocket. This pamphlet explained in a fun and creative way how AIA Owners can help with any marketing campaign.

You've got us in your back pocket mailer booklet on green background.
Green gradient social post and email graphics with promotional products.

On the sixth day of the holidays, experienceAIA sent to me …


Once COVID-19 entered the scene, our marketing team went into overdrive to provide resources for the AIA Community. Everyone contributed to inspire our employees, owners and other industry professionals. Our “10 Ways To Boost Team Morale” blog was our most popular blog of the year, which proves just how much we need to continue supporting each other during these difficult times.

Blog article titled "10 ways to boost team morale during the Covid-19 pandemic."
Screenshot of blog articles relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the seventh day of the holidays, experienceAIA sent to me …

A plethora of COVID-19 Marketing Resources!

COVID changed the promotional products landscape and we went into overdrive to support AIA Owners by developing new, creative,and necessary marketing ideas and assets. We compiled dozens of ideas, email graphics, social graphics and more to help support distributors and their customers. It was an impressive feat for the whole marketing team.


Social topics with content related to Covid-19.
Covid-19 Resources web page with ideas, resources, and marketing assets.

On the eighth day of the holidays, experienceAIA sent to me …

2020 Fall Trends! 

At the end of summer we were already thinking about fall. We came up with a creative concept that showed off upcoming trends for the promo industry. We talked about the surge of athleisure wear, products that help users work from anywhere, items that reference the past and brand name promo.

Collage of fall promotional products on a blue background.
Fall Trends flip book featuring work from home products on blue background

On the ninth day of the holidays, experienceAIA sent to me …

2020 Reimagined, AIA’s Virtual National Sales Meeting!

Canceling our 2020 National Sales Meeting was never an option for us, and we still wanted to create an unforgettable experience for attendees, so we launched our first ever Virtual National Sales Meeting complete with a fully designed, cohesive brand. Our marketing team created a title, logo and color palette that represented the message and goal of the event. The branding was incorporated throughout the entire event from the welcome kit, to the wrap up video and everything in between.

Welcome Box for a virtual event filled with themed promotional items.
Logo design and color palette for the event theme.
Bright green, pink, and blue social graphics to promote the event.

On the tenth day of the holidays, experienceAIA sent to me …

The 2020 Holiday Catalog!

For our holiday catalog this year, we decided to take a more out-of-the-box approach by putting promotional products into classic holiday stories and songs. Our team designed a whimsical theme to go along with the copy that was both festive and informational.

Holiday Catalog with red and green tile design on cover.

On the eleventh day of the holidays, experienceAIA sent to me …

A new AIA Community website!

This year the marketing team banded together to completely redesign our company website. It took weeks of planning, designing, writing, proofing and developing, but we’re proud of how it turned out.


AIA Community website homepage on a laptop screen.
Service offerings on AIA Community homepage.

On the twelfth day of the holidays, experienceAIA sent to me …

A pizza cutter self promo! 

Promotional products work so well as a marketing tool that we often give our owners ideas of how they can use it themselves. This year we created a self-promo campaign for owners to send to their customers as a way to inspire end customers to use promotional products for employee recognition. 

Pizza cutter on top of a green postcard with a pizza illustration.

Even though 2020 was a year unlike any other, we’re still incredibly proud of what our marketing team has accomplished. New obstacles meant having the opportunity to think and problem solve in fresh and innovative ways. As this year comes to a close we’re busy brainstorming for 2021, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

If you’re a promotional products distributor looking for some fresh marketing for the new year, contact AIA and let’s talk about how we can take your brand and your promotional business to the next level. Happy Holidays!