our Team

Matt Juedes

Business Development Sales Manager


Matt works closely with people interested in joining AIA and helps them to see firsthand the advantages our technology and marketing services can provide them. He enjoys the reaction from prospects when they see how our technology and services can make their business run more efficiently. What’s most important to him? Helping a business with specific needs find their solution when joining AIA.

Renee Brueggeman

Business Development Specialist


Renee and Jodi spend most of their day on the phones, connecting with people about AIA. They both have a solid understanding of how distributor businesses are positively impacted by AIA’s programs.

Renee likes speaking directly with distributors to learn of the main issues affecting their business and enjoys educating them on what AIA does to help them grow their business.

Jodi Meyer

Business Development Specialist


Jodi loves informing business owners about AIA’s services, values, and family-like support. Hearing their excitement with everything AIA brings to the table, they almost sound relieved to know there is a company like ours with which they can work.

Phone Number: 877.212.7324
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