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Our Program

Your Business

  • Healthier Cash Flow – fund any size orders with working capital from AIA
  • Simplicity – no interest charges, monthly fees, per order fees, late fees, etc.
  • Technology – easy to use technology platform with robust business management tools and integrated web store solutions

Your Reputation

  • Branding Flexibility – build your brand and customer base, not someone else’s
  • Networking – peer-to-peer opportunities through a variety of venues
  • Professional Development – build yourself and your team through development and educational opportunities

Added Benefits

  • Customer Service Representatives – Dedicated customer service professionals to help you and your business
  • Cash Back – AIA’s MVP Advantage program offers cash back opportunities in addition to priority pricing and treatment from reputable suppliers
  • Customization – offered through lead generation and marketing programs
  • Sales – proprietary sales programs geared towards your business

Contact us to learn more about the Sales Affiliate Program.

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Get Started

Distributor Salesperson

There are many reasons to go out on your own. Perhaps you’re tired of working for someone else and want a bigger piece of the profit pie. Maybe you have a new way to go to market or see opportunity in an untapped niche.

These are just some of the reasons that distributor salespeople join AIA every day. When AIA is your partner, getting into business for yourself goes from complex to simple. You’re on your own, but not alone.

Industry Distributor

You’ve worked hard at building your corporate brand, and you shouldn’t have to lose that brand equity when taking your business to the next level. When you become part of the AIA owner network, you don’t lose your identity—you find it.

At AIA, there is no one-size-fits-all. We work with more than 300 individual distributor businesses: that’s 300 different brands, market approaches, niches and personalities. Making a change for your business—and yourself—is one of the most important professional decisions you can make. We are here to help guide you through the process, at your pace.

Ready to learn more? Click the button below to fill out our inquiry form, and a member of our business development team will contact you. Confidentiality is key at AIA; we will never share your information.

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